Road trip!

All too soon, the cruise was at an end and it was time to head back to Florida from Fort Lauderdale. I really wasn’t ready to say goodbye to the Oasis of the Seas; in fact, but for my fear of the US Coastguard inspections, I would have happily been a stowaway on the ship!

The next part of the adventure was to be in ATL, and our flights were booked from Orlando to Atlanta so we had to find our way back to Orlando somehow. I was really up for going by train, but no-one else seemed to be as keen, and my Greyhound bus suggestion was quickly shouted down (eesh!). So we decided to set off on a road trip! On one of a couple of our rest stops, I spotted a van that looked just like Scooby Doo’s van. One couldn’t ask for a better photo opportunity, so I immediately got stuck in!

Special thanks to my big bro (our chauffeur and my photographer), my l’il bro (our GPS), my cousin and sister-in-law (general commentary and entertainment). Kisses and love you guys!


Outfit details: Dress – Zara; Hat – River Island; Bag – Chloe; Sunglasses – ASOS; Sandals – Aldo; Earrings – Oliver Bonas



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