OH MY GOSH! I am absolutely terrified by the fact I am even carrying out this exercise. Like seriously, am I that old? Apparently, yes I am. The next milestone for me will indeed be 40 so I guess I need to get used to it and adjust accordingly. Eeeek! I’m a huge fan of lists (I do a daily to-do list) and yet, I’ve never done this sort of list before – you know, for example the “Thirty things to do before you turn Thirty”. I am fond of doing resolutions, but I would prefer to lump them in a big bucket list type thing and came up with this idea – “Forty things to do before I turn Forty”. As with my visionboard exercise, this list will definitely serve as a source of inspiration, encouragement and direction for me in the years to come when I know I will need it. So here goes nothing.

I give you my FORTY BY FORTY:

  1. Read the entire bible in a year
  2. Learn to play the drums
  3. Learn to speak Yoruba and French fluently
  4. Live in a different country – (i.e. other than Nigeria and the UK)
  5. Pray consistently
  6. Start my own business
  7. Climb a mountain
  8. Read at least two books every month
  9. Go sailing
  10. Go surfing
  11. Visit every continent
  12. Send my parents on an all-expenses paid luxury vacation
  13. Write a book
  14. Dine solo at a high end restaurant
  15. Travel to a new country every year
  16. Save money
  17. Get married
  18. Volunteer consistently
  19. Buy stocks in a company
  20. Buy and/or build a property
  21. Throw a dinner party
  22. Loc my hair
  23. See the pyramids
  24. Go on pilgrimage to Israel
  25. Have a child
  26. Visit every state in Nigeria
  27. Learn to cook
  28. Do an annual solo vacation
  29. Mentor someone
  30. Visit/speak to my extended family at least once a month
  31. Visit Greenland and see the Northern Lights
  32. Play centre position at netball
  33. Go to the Essence festival
  34. Go scuba diving
  35. Speak to and see my friends as much as possible
  36. Hike the Inca Trail
  37. Look after a plant
  38. Go to the Galapagos Islands
  39. Dance on a float in a carnivalAND FINALLY…
  40. Live without fear or regretsSome of the stuff on there I will admit is just a bit ambitious and I don’t know if I will get round to achieving all of them. But I certainly look forward to trying! Let’s go!

What are your thoughts on my “bucket list”? Have you done one of these lists before? Or see any goals which look similar to yours? Share your thoughts (and goals!) in the comments below!


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