My name is Bids and I’m a hoarder

One of the things I’m trying to sort out at the start of the year as I begin my new life as a grown up is my tendency to hoard stuff. I hoard EVERYTHING. I’m a step away from signing myself up for one of those TV shows like “Extreme Hoarders” or something. Yep, I’m not far from them. So I’m trying to sort myself out by making adjustments little steps at a time.

For example, we all know I’m a product junkie. So first step – No. More. Products. I have products for days. Months even. Years quite possibly! I buy like the product is about to be discontinued. This has to stop. I think it’s the Nigerian in me – where you buy enough products to last a year, presumably in case the same product can’t be found in Nigeria.

Problem with that logic – I live in London! Less than a five minute walk away from a Boots/Sainsburys/Superdrug. So that excuse is nonsense. Even in Nigeria, you can find natural hair products so it really is a nonsense excuse. I’m not allowed to buy any more products now for a year. That’s right – A WHOLE YEAR! The caveat is if I run out of products before the year end, I am allowed to replace that finished product but only by one not 10! The sad thing is I may actually be able to get through the whole year without buying any products because that’s how much I have.

Here’s a sneak peek into some of my storage to give you an idea of what I’m starting off with.

IMG_2044 IMG_2043


Boxes full of Korean beauty products

This goes for clothes too. In fact, it especially goes for clothes! I have so many clothes that I don’t even recognise some of them and have bought almost identical items to things I already own before realising my error!

First challenge as a grown up = Stop hoarding. Stop buying. Start using and wearing!

Part of the reason I started doing outfit posts was because I wanted to challenge myself to rediscover the items in my wardrobe and actually wear them instead of just always spotting something nice on a blog or on Instagram and simply buying, buying, buying. One cannot always follow trends and only buy/wear what is “current”. Going down that road will only lead to bankruptcy! Also, at some point, you have to wear the stuff right? And not just once. I don’t buy into the mentality of only wearing something once. I don’t care if I’m accused of “repeating” items or outfits. I bought it, I’ll wear it however many times I like!

Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice to buy stuff once in a while, and sometimes, there is an item that catches your eye that you simply have to have. I get that. I understand that feeling. But if “once in a while” is almost every other day for you or every time you read your favourite bloggers’ outfit posts, and you find yourself acting upon that feeling to get that item, you have strayed into the territory of addiction. Fashion blogs should be fun, fabulous, inspirational and even aspirational. But they should not become an addiction. A lot of successful bloggers wear freebies that they have received in exchange for promoting brands. I can’t hate on that; I hope to be just as successful some day soon. But in the meantime, I need to discover my own style, my own niche and feel comfortable in my own skin and clothes. So I view my favourite bloggers’ to keep up with them and get inspired by them but I desperately try not to get waylaid by them ha!

With that being said, it starts now. No more shopping. Start wearing. Start using. Let’s see how I go. So expect to see more posts on capsule wardrobes, wardrobe staples and generally how to fall in love again with your wardrobe and recycle outfits. I’m excited!

Anyone wanna join me? Do you hoard anything and if yes, what? The challenge started for me on the 1st of January 2015. It’s not too late for you to join me. You in? Pipe up in the comments below!

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