Hiking through Idanre Hills

Breakfast was scheduled for 7am and at 8am we set off for our hike up the famous 600 steps going up into the Idanre Hills. Our security escorts who had appeared super keen the night before expressed disbelief that we were seriously going to go up there, but credit to them, they were good sports and came along with us. To be fair, I was a bit worried too if I’m being completely honest!imageimageimage image image image imageI tried to lower everyone’s expectations because I knew that we had some experienced hikers in the pack and I’m not the fittest of people on the best of days so I was just praying that I would not be the last up the hills in the group. It was not easy and I really tried to keep my huffing and puffing up the steps to a minimum (which was probably a wasted effort) and close to an inaudible level (which meant at times I was just not breathing and close to passing out!). image imageSoon enough, we were up there and wow, what a view! Some in the group found it hard to believe we were still in Nigeria – being up in the hills of Idanre is most definitely a far cry from the hustle and bustle and constant car horns of Lagos, that’s for sure! The view was simply stunning; of course, that’s my opinion but I challenge you not to think the same, looking at the pictures! image image imageimage imageObligatory hilltop selfie!imageThe whole crew!image imageimage imageAs a first time hiker, I made a rookie mistake and wore shorts because all I was thinking about was the heat. But I forgot about protecting my legs against the grabbing grass stalks and bushes and general wild plant life. I came back with lots of war wounds, well scratches so if you do plan on hiking through Idanre Hills, do wear long trousers or cargo pants made of light and breathable material to deal with the heat and grabby plants. Mosquito repellent and sun block are a must as well!image imageWe saw the old school and the old courtroom – one of our number, Lynsey, obliged us by playing the role of the accused, and luckily we had a police officer on hand to play, you guessed it, a police officer.image imageThe landscape completely reminded me of “The Land Before Time” franchise – Little foot, Cera, Ducky, Petrie and Spike would have felt right at home here.image image image image image We also had a look into the Ile Lorin – a house in which you are not allowed to wear clothes and shaking hands is forbidden!imageThe security personnel getting in on the photo action!image image imageCow skulls in the Oba’s palace and some very interesting looking pillars!image image image imageLast one of the Idanre gangimageAs my first trip with the NFS, I thoroughly enjoyed myself and look forward to more adventures with them. Yes, I am sure you all noted that I was the only Nigerian in the group, but it didn’t really make a difference to me and hey! I have to take the opportunities that come my way and I’m so glad I took this one!

Have you been to Idanre? Any other Nigerian hotspots would you suggest visiting? Shout in the comments below!


  • Chiamaka

    Hi, Yessss I’ve been to Idanre hills and boy did I enjoy the adventure. I also have a travel blog and wrote about my experience here But if you read my story you’ll see that I almost fainted haha, although I hike quite often hmm. Lol so I go around quite often around Nigeria and I’ve been to a couple of places you’ll be interested in. There’s Erin Ijesha waterfalls in Osun, mad hiking, There’s also Olumo rock in Abeokuta, there’s Ikogosi warm springs and Arinta waterfalls in Ekiti. Infact there’s a lot to do. You can check out my tourism in Nigeria category I went to a lot of these places last year and crowned the year with Calabar carnival and also a hike to Kwa waterfalls in Cross river. Ok that’s a lot. But I love adventure and I love to meet other adventurous Nigerians. I’ve followed you on Instagram. My handle is @socialprefect. Glad I discovered your blog 🙂

    • Oh Chiamaka, you don’t realise what you have let yourself in for! We are about to become besties! ;p so excited to read about your adventures and yes I have noted all those places – can’t wait to discover them for myself! Would be awesome to meet you and exchange tips, maybe even plan a trip – who knows?! Off to stalk you on your blog now! ;p

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