Tutorial: Chunky Twistout

Tools needed:


  1. Starting with Grace in a dry stretched state so I section her into two sections.
  2. I spritz the first section of my hair and then part my hair for one twist and apply some styling lotion to the section.
  3. After applying the styling lotion, I begin single strand twisting my hair.
  4. After twisting one side, I repeat the same on the other side of my head until all my hair is in single strand twists (12-13 twists in total).
  5. Leave your hair to dry now – I leave my twists in overnight but to speed up the process, you can sit under a dryer on medium to low heat for about 2 hours or until you are comfortable that your hair is completely dry.imageimageimageimage The morning after
  1. For the takedown, rub some oil in your hands and then smooth through the twists to keep the twists smooth, retain the curls and to avoid frizz. NB: If you’ve got 4C super kinky hair like mine and you live in a humid climate, your hair will frizz up anyway but it’s just a step to retain as much curl and coil as possible.
  2. When taking down your twists, do it gently, trying to pull everything apart but just taking the two parts of the twists apart to keep the curls intact and to avoid frizz.
  3. Now you can gently start to separate the curls further to give you more volume and give your hair a fuller look. If you want, you can use a wide tooth comb to gently tease the roots to amplify the volume.image image imageGive your head a shake and you’re good to go!image



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