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*Updated with outfits* Holiday Hair and Wardrobe

I’ve always admired the way some people are able to pack for holiday, taking a few items but making them work in so many different ways. Kendra of Closet Confections is a particular genius at that (check out her post on holiday packing and her “wardrobe for a month” posts here and here). I had a go at capsule packing this time, in the hopes I would be able to save space in my mini case – no check-in luggage here! I don’t know how well I did, but I certainly did try. Here’s what I ended up taking, starting with stuff for Grace:



Bobby pins; little tub of Cantu Shea butter coconut curling cream; Butterfly clips as separation aids; Spray bottle of Argan and Coconut oil (I’m planning to nick my friends’ water spray bottle and use that as well ha!)


IMG_20140704_192121 IMG_20140704_192356

LEFT: T-shirt – Gerard DarelVintage braces; denim shorts – Mystic Jeans. RIGHT: Jumpsuit – Zara;

IMG_20140704_192323 IMG_20140704_192217

LEFT: Green dress – eBay; T-shirt – Calvin Klein. RIGHT: Cream top – Zara (similar here and here); Lace shorts – New Look

IMG_20140704_192200 IMG_20140704_192146

LEFT: Waistcoat – Massimo Dutti (similar here); Tank – Zara. RIGHT: Fringe jacket – ZaraWhite dress – Zara (similar here and here);


And of course, the accessories!

Well there it is, my packing list for the ‘Dams! Oh, so I totally forgot to mention that I’m heading to Holland, specifically Amsterdam and Rotterdam for a little break. In fact, I’m here in Amsterdam right now! I’ll be updating this post when I get back with pics of how Grace and I did with our wardrobe and supplies. In the meantime, if you want to keep up with my adventures in the ‘Dams, please do follow me on Instagram and Twitter!

Love Bids & Grace

UPDATE – Here’s how we did with the outfits!


IMG_20140713_143317 IMG_20140713_143321

IMG_20140714_122038 IMG_20140714_140511

IMG_1916 IMG_1961


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