Hi there and welcome to Bids in Graceland! My name is Bids, my hair is Grace and together we plan to take over the world, one curl at a time! This blog started off in February 2013 as a journal charting our natural hair journey but it has since evolved into a lifestyle journal as Grace and I navigate life and chart our fashion, travel, food and beauty adventures together.

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Some fun facts about Bids

Was once bitten by a monkey while volunteering in Ethiopia as an English teacher. Loves travelling but is petrified of flying. Speaks Yoruba but with a distinct British accent. Ideal retirement spot = Aix en Provence, France. Truly believes she’s one of the X-Men, but has not as yet discovered her mutant power. Die-hard Arsenal fan. Notorious for being terrible with directions and always getting lost. Life ambition – to dance on a carnival float, preferably in Rio.



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The Kink and I

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Love Bids & Grace

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