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Hey guys how’s it going? I fully intended to get back into regular blogging straight out of the blocks this year but whilst it is still the goal, I have realised that I am just going to have to let things happen as they happen and go with the flow. Right now I am trying to settle into life in Denmark. I’ve started my new job, I’m learning Danish and I’m back to living on my own. It’s not been super easy but so far, so good, so grateful to God. Hopefully, in an upcoming post, I will share all about the moving experience and all the fun and games involved! The major positive is that I love my new job which is a really good thing seeing as it is what brought me to Denmark. I live in Aarhus to be exact, which is the second largest city in Denmark, after Copenhagen, the capital city. I’m in the process of getting to know my new city and the place that for the foreseeable future is my new home. It’s taken a while to post because frankly I wasn’t sure what to write. I wasn’t in the mood to go out and take pictures especially in the freezing cold weather. Being in Nigeria for the past couple of years made me forget what it was like to be cold on the regular. And this Scandinavian wind is bitter. I also still have a huge backlog in terms of posts I haven’t put up yet which seem to have taken up permanent residence on my to-do list. No outfit posts yet because it’s too cold for alladat (!!) but once I convince the sun to come out and shine for more than 5 minutes, I shall bless you with some Sunday best posts. So have no fear, soon and very soon, the lifestyle posts will be back in force as I explore my new city and things to do here. Till then, wish me luck in the cold. Smooches! p.s. the pictures are actually from a recent trip to Copenhagen but I will be sharing some of the Aarhus magic soon ;p



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