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10 beauty resolutions for 2018

Happy New Year! First post of 2018, woo woo woo!!! I hope you all had a brilliant break and have started the year with a bang! Last year I decided that rather than set resolutions on an annual basis, I would put together a bucket list of things I wanted to achieve by the time I turned 40, which became my Forty by Forty post. However, I do have some beauty resolutions that I have made not just for this year but for life. Beauty is by no means my area of expertise but as I have gotten older and started paying more attention to my skincare and general beauty regimens, I have noted a couple of easy fixes to improve my skincare and help my face look less like a crater from Mars and instead look smoother and brighter. So here are my 2018 beauty resolutions:

  1. Scrub soles of feet regularly – I might be living in a freezing cold country where the idea of going barefoot even indoors is tantamount to courting frostbite, but I still think it’s important to keep my feet soft and smooth. So regular scrubbing is in order!
  2. Regular “lady gardening” – We’re all adults here so we can talk about adult things. When I say “gardening”, I am talking about waxing. I need to stay on top of my waxing schedule. This is in spite of the cold weather and the fact summer seems lightyears away. Regular gardening keeps unnecessary pain and hassle away and makes one feel so fresh and so clean. ‘Nuff said!
  3. Don’t let a chipped nail become an infestation – I’m that girl who gets a manicure and somehow on the way home from the nail salon manages to chip a nail, then starts to scrape and chip all the others within the next 24 hours. I am going to try and invest in chip-free nail polish and generally just be a bit more careful…and well girlie ha!
  4. Get more sleep – my family and friends will probably give me a side-eye when they read this but I actually have not been getting enough sleep. So this year and onwards, I want to get more sleep and make sure that I am better rested. More sleep means more energy, more productivity, better skin and better overall health.
  5. Regular sheet masks and sleeping packs – I have waxed lyrical about how much I love sleeping packs in this Checking In post and the love has not died. And with a return to cold weather living, sleeping packs and a solid nighttime regimen has never been more essential. I promise to do an update to my beauty regimens (morning and nighttime) very soon but I promise you that sleeping packs and sheet masks will most certainly be involved!
  6. Wash make up brushes regularly – this is so important! I’m not the only one who is so bad at this, am I? But it’s so important to wash make up brushes regularly to avoid bacteria building up on the brushes and causing infection. It seems so obvious but at the same time, such a pain and a time-consuming task. Still necessary though!
  7. Replace hair removal kit particularly razors regularly – how many of us are guilty of not replacing our razors often enough? I don’t think there’s a fixed number of shaves after which one must replace their razor but I know I have definitely taken the mick with how long I use my razors for. Once it looks like the blade is dulling or rusting, throw that bad boy away!
  8. Drink lots of water – this is a constant resolution that I just seem not to be able to keep up with. But this year I am going to conquer this.
  9. Regular eyebrow shaping – I’m so bad with this. I’ll be really good and get my eyebrows done…and then not do anything about them again until they grow out and just look scary. I just discovered the miracle of eyebrow pencil and now I will also stay on top of my eyebrow shaping. Which reminds me…I need to shape my brows…pronto!
  10. Washing face before sleep – I’m really gonna try with this. I’m good with making sure I don’t go to sleep without removing makeup (when I actually wear makeup) but washing my face is something that I struggle with and we all know that you don’t get all the makeup/dirt off with just a cleansing wipe. So, as I said, I will try. What are your beauty resolutions this year? What bad beauty habits do you need to break? And what good habits are you going to start cultivating? Feel free to share in the comments below!


  • Def one or two things I should improve on as well. Regular pedicures, wash makeup brushes and wash face at night! Happy New Year! Xx

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