Kisses from Paris

This time last year I was in Paris, one of my favourite cities and a place I still dream of living in one day (soon I hope!). I’ve recently been down with the flu, so to cheer myself up, I was reliving my Parisian adventures. I hope to do a guide one day on all the things I love about Paris but for the moment, here are the pictures! One of my absolute favourite parts of Paris is Montmatre, the area famous for the Moulin Rouge. If someone tells you to get lost in Montmatre, my advice is don’t be offended, just take it as a word of encouragement and do exactly that. Take your time wandering through the cobbled windy streets, heave yourself up the stairs of Sacre-Coeur and take in the breathtaking view of the city from on high…before having to drag yourself back down. Be sure to wander through the admittedly very touristy markets and maybe even pick up some souvenirs; it’s almost obligatory! The beauty of Sacre-Coeur Basilica The view from the top! Holy doors at Sacre-Coeur   If you find yourself in Paris at a loss as to where to start exploring, why not book yourself on a walking tour? I am a big believer in city walking tours, having done them in Amsterdam and Belgrade. The tour gives you invaluable insight into the city, its history, culture and architecture. It’s also a nice way to ease yourself into a trip especially when travelling solo and if you’re lucky, you may even make friends on your tour whilst you’re at it! One walking tour I would recommend is the Sandemans FREE walking tour of Paris; yes, I said FREE. You only pay a tip (and that’s if you want to!) at the end to your guide but there is no other charge. Definitely worth it!Notre-Dame Cathedral Palais de Justice The first clock in Paris – apparently!The Louvre Museum Jardins des Tuilleries The girls and I had a laugh, stopping at various stages on the steps of Sacre-Coeur to take pictures, take in the scenery and the fact we were in Paris. Even with the gloomy weather which was wet and freezing notwithstanding it being June, our trip was still pretty magical. Let’s face it, come rain or sunshine, Paris still has my heart. I will share the adventures at the Afropunk festival with you soon so look out for that soon. Till then, je vous envoie des gros bises de Paris!


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