Sunday best: Look for the good

The Nigerian Law School experience has taught me a few important things. Such as the need to stay positive. To always look for the good in my circumstances and my environment even when surrounded by negativity. To stay thankful. To be a source of encouragement and light and comfort and reassurance. This is important for all relationships and I’m finding that right now in mine. As much as it’s always advised to surround yourself with good people that will encourage and support you, you also need to be someone that will encourage and support those people too. No one wants to hang around a Debbie Downer for too long. Law school lectures are finally over and now I have a chance to sleep, recover my sanity and rediscover my mojo. The period of pain is not completely over but at least I have time now to show some love and gratitude to my family and friends who have loved me through the pain.  Wearing: Dress – Wani Fuga; Basket Bag – Lekki Market; Slippers – Ouideeey


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