Sunday best: Happy endings

For the sake of clarification, I am talking about the fairy tale happy ending rather than the kind of happy ending you can get in a Thai massage parlour, though this tale is not necessarily typical of the fairy tales you may have read as a child.Recently, I ran into an ex at a function. He was someone I imagined marrying. We were on and off for such a long time, it’s no wonder. So I had a moment of panic when I saw him (before he saw me of course!) with who was obviously his new girlfriend. The panic was simply because I hadn’t seen him in so long and I wasn’t sure how I or he would react. Whilst there were no longer any romantic feelings, it was obvious he had moved on whilst I was there in a “single but ready to mingle” capacity. Cue my feelings of inadequacy. Then suddenly, all panic was obliterated and surprise then delight took over when I was engulfed in a huge hug first from his girlfriend (who I know separately) and then him. I couldn’t feel anything in that moment but pure positivity. There were no space for feelings of inadequacy especially when his girlfriend is such a sweetheart. For me, it was the end of an era, a happy ending so to speak, but not in the way the fairy tales tell it.

Wearing: Dress – Warehouse; Sandals – Andre; Bag – Mulberry; Sunnies – ASOS


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