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Sunday best: Beating the blues

I mentioned to someone recently that I was experiencing “Nigeria fatigue”. Things are tough, the economy is crazy, the currency is in freefall, we don’t even know where the president is and law school is pretty much the worst educational experience of my life and that’s putting it mildly. Apologies for the “woe is me” moment, but sometimes I literally feel like I am moments from a full blown panic attack from feeling so overwhelmed with everything. On the positive side, being a student again and on a budget has forced me to think a bit more creatively in terms of how to catch a break from the stress of Naija living. And that’s how I discovered Tarkwa Bay. A friend had repeatedly invited me to join her and finally I got my act together to go. And what a discovery. More details to follow in another post but I will say this – I will make a regular appearance there at least once a month. It’s completely doable and so very necessary to maintain my sanity. It’s probably the cheapest of all the beaches in Lagos that I have been to so yes, I will be patronising it lots and lots. By the end of the day, I felt refreshed and excited once more, ready to face another week of law school terror. The most important thing for me right now is to try and ride out this bumpy period until things turn around. And whilst I’m doing that, get as much time to breathe as possible at Tarkwa Bay as well.Wearing: Dress – Zara (old); Slippers – Oudieeey


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