Dry Rock!

Technically, this was our first stop on our Waterfalls road trip but as you will see from the pictures below, there was not a drop of water in sight. This is what happens when you use Google Maps to navigate your way round the waterfalls of Southwest Nigeria. After about 6 hours of driving, having left Lagos very early in the morning, we had arrived in Osun State when we found ourselves pulling off the motorway and down a side “road” which was more like a bush path. Apparently, there was a waterfall up ahead according to Google Maps (which incidentally was the point at which I learnt that our entire trip was being navigated by Google Maps (!!!!). The waterfall was apparently Erinta Waterfall (not to be confused with Arinta Waterfall in Ekiti State). We kept driving till we could drive no more and then continued on foot. No water in sight though. We asked a man who appeared local to the area. He had no idea what we were going on about. So we went on, headed up the rocks to the top to…NOTHING. No water. Just dry rock. Epic Fail! To be fair though, it was a really nice hike and a pretty hilarious start to the road trip – for every single stop afterwards, there was a joke about whether there would be any water or not! There was also a lot of fun to be had with an old abandoned truck…


  • ‘Lara A


    I didn’t know Arinta is different from Erinta…and how come there was no water.

    Great pictures you have there.

    72 Hours in Johannesburg and Pretoria, South Africa

    • abiia

      I’m not convincrd Erinta exists except as a variation of spelling of Arinta haha! Google Maps Fail!

      Thanks so much Lara!

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