New Year, New Hair

As you saw from my last post, Grace got a new do. I shared the entire cut process on Snapchat, but if you missed it, there’s a little video compilation of the clips on Instagram so feel free to go check it out HERE and have a good laugh! I thought I would share a couple more pics of my new do and why I did it in this post. Here’s Grace freshly cut:My new tapered cut is courtesy of the gorgeous Fops who did an amazing job. It’s quite exciting and yet scary at the same time. I’d been wanting a tapered cut for so long and finally, after looking at Instagram and Pinterest, creating countless inspiration pinboards, I finally decided to bite the bullet and do the dang thing. I love it but I’m not sure I’m completely done yet so there may be still be further changes and I might even go lower! I am learning how to look after and style my hair all over again which is pretty cool and great for my relationship with Grace. I am falling in love with her all over again. I need to develop a new routine for Grace with this new haircut so will be updating my regimen page in due course once I get my routine down.Still, it is kind of scary for me because it’s quite a change of look and it takes getting used to. I can’t just put my hair in a bun or goddess braid and the sides are probably too short for me to braid so that option is out as well. So nothing to hide behind. But I am trying to be brave and rock it. I was itching to do something different with my hair and since I am not allowed to colour my hair at the moment because of law school (yeah don’t ask!), a cut was the next best thing. I’m happy I did it though. So here’s Grace in all her newly chopped glory. I still feel like I look like a boy sometimes so you will probably notice that I will be wearing a lot of big earrings in the posts to come. Just so everyone knows I’m a girl. #justsaying


  • Unravelling Nigeria

    If I can goddess braid my pixie cut, I’m sure you can as yours is much longer, it’ll just end at the base of your head. (we’re talking about the two plaits yeah?

    • Challenge accepted! Though I have no hair at the back of my head so the braid would go to the middle of my head ….? lol I shall give it a whirl!

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