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Playing tourist at Lekki Conservation Centre

I just had some friends from “the Abroad” in town staying with me, so I was really excited and challenged on things to do to show them Lagos and playing tourist. Some of the activities included the recent art gallery crawl with Naija Nomads and also some requisite partying. But a visit to Lagos would not be complete without an excursion to one of my favourite spots, Lekki Conservation Centre. I’ve been there quite a few times (see this post and this one too!) and it’s always a good laugh. This time was no different, though perhaps my next excursion there will not be at the height of the midday sun – yes, there was a near miss with sunstroke for us all!img_3076 img_3078 img_3079 img_3088 img_3084 img_3085 img_3096 img_3109 img_3103 img_3107 img_3097 img_3110 img_3140 img_3126 img_3124 img_3122 img_3123 img_3116 Everyone knows that I am directionally challenged so I really don’t know why my friends listened to me when I said I knew the way. Seriously, why? We ended up getting lost in the jungle of the conservation centre and managed to go on the canopy walk from the wrong end. Well, erm…at least we got to experience it and that’s the most important part! We didn’t get to see the fish pond and tennis courts and other bits because of our direction challenges but to be fair, the sun beat us to exhaustion so we collapsed in the car as soon as we were done with the canopy walk to recover. But, all in all, still a fun exercise and definitely a must for any visitors! img_3146 img_3149 img_3150Wearing: Jumpsuit and sunnies – ASOS; Denim shirt – Anthropologie


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