Sunday best: Safari dreams

A friend recently went off exploring the wilds of Zambia whilst I’m stuck at home in Lagos. Frankly I am super jealous and wish I could be there too. How come he gets to see the elephants and I don’t?! Ah well, the least I can do is be there in spirit and fashion too. So today’s outfit is channelling my safari dreams, soon to be realised…I hope anyway! In other news, you may have seen on Instagram that I posted about passing the first stage of Nigerian Law School. Yes I passed my exams! Woo hoo hoo! You cannot imagine what a relief it is, I am so happy to have that load off. Now I can fully enjoy the next couple of weeks before Bar 2 starts and possibly takes over my life. Eeek! Wearing: Tunic – Lalesso (similar HERE and HERE); Shorts – ASOS (similar from Missguided HERE); Sandals – London Rebel (similar from Topshop HERE); Sunnies – Ray Ban


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