Sunday best: Fruity!

Sometimes these Sunday best shoots can be a bit monotonous so on this particular occasion I decided to do things a bit differently. Well actually I didn’t plan anything, things just took a turn for the silly! All was going as planned and as usual…image image image image image imageChecking to see no-one was around to witness my moment of ridiculousness…imageAnd then I decided I would play at being a fruit…SMH…it gets better…image image imageAnd after that little fit of sillyhood, what does one do? Well…walk away like nothing happened.imageI’m sure you’ve come to realise I am prone to fits of the silly and ridiculous. How about you? Shout in the comments!

Wearing: Shirt – Anthropologie (similar HERE); Skirt – Vintage (similar HERE); Bag – & other stories; Sunnies – Ray Ban


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