Sunday best: Pink lady

I have mentioned before that one of the perks of being in Nigeria is having a tailor make clothes for me. There are quite a few advantages to having tailormade clothes – it’s usually quite cheap, the clothes made should fit perfectly because they are made to your measurements and you get to choose your own designs so you can have fun with the clothes made. There are also disadvantages to getting clothes made by a tailor and any Nigerian lady will probably attest to the following comments – it’s really difficult finding a GOOD tailor; good tailors can get quite expensive; tailors can let you down and destroy your material; material and/or clothes can go missing or be delayed in the case of when you want the clothes for a function. image imageimage image imageimageimageIt’s a hit and miss kind of game and I have experienced the good, the bad, and the quite frankly incompetent when it comes to tailors in Nigeria. But it’s mostly been wins and this dress is definitely a winner for me. A basic pencil dress design that I find super flattering if somewhat restrictive for my tummy *note to self to start crunches!* Have a wonderful week!

Wearing: Dress – bespoke; Necklace – Oliver Bonas; Wedges – Zara


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