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Sunday best: Headwrap

imageDo you ever get those days where you just feel like there is not enough time to do anything and you are rushing about like a headless chicken? I have definitely felt like that and I felt like that on this particular occasion. I rushed home from church, having gone to the early service to get ready for lunch at my cousin’s house. He had said he would be picking us up after church and I assumed he meant around midday so I didn’t want to keep him waiting. There I am, running around, trying to change quickly and in the process, ended up messing up the hairdo I had in for church. What’s a girl to do? Apparently tie a scarf around her hair and voila, a headwrap!

image imageimage image image image image imageThe irony of it all is that once I was dressed and ready, I called my cousin to let him know we were ready and waiting and he informed me he actually had a class on and had intended to pick us up a bit later on in the afternoon. Well, at least I learnt something new – how to do a headwrap!

What’s your go to style when rushing? Pipe up in the comments below!

Wearing: Dungarees and Shirt – Zara; Bag – Sophie Hulme; Sunnies – Rayban; Bangle – Lekki Market; Shoes – Cozumel market; Scarf (worn as headwrap) – Vintage; Earrings – Oliver Bonas


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