Cruise Diaries – Cozumel, Mexico

Mexico is one of those countries which I am sure is on everyone’s travel list, it’s just a case of “when”. So I was rather pumped at the prospect of the cruise stop in Cozumel. Our first visit was to the ancient Mayan ruins of San Gervasio. San Gervasio dates back to the early classic period (circa 250 – 900 AD) and was occupied until it was abandoned in the early 16th century which heralded the arrival of the Spanish to the island.

It was mind-blowing visiting one of the many sites of the ancient Mayan civilization, looking at the various structures and hearing about the way these ancient civilisations lived. The guide mentioned that there was a daily sacrifice of a warrior to appease the sun god and further reading showed that San Gervasio was one of the destinations of Mayan pilgrimages. I don’t know whether I believed the “daily warrior sacrifice” tale but it certainly added to the atmosphere of the site.

After the ruins, we were off to the beach to kick back and relax. Let me tell you, I have never in my life ever seen water as clear as I did in Cozumel. It literally was transparent. Seeing is believing. It was incredible. Absolutely stunning.

Once back to the port, we got a second wind and decided to do a spot of shopping in the shopping centre opposite the port and the markets close by. I think I was proposed to by a teenager in the market who refused to believe that I was actually 30. It was a lovely ego boost for me even if I knew he only wanted to make a sale!


I absolutely loved every single stop on this cruise, all for different reasons but this stop in Cozumel was definitely a major highlight for me. The best was definitely saved for last in terms of the cruise stops – Mexico was EVERYTHING (although maybe not the mosquitoes that ate me alive!). I will definitely be back Mexico!

Outfit details: T-shirt – Gerard Darel; Vintage skirt; Espadrilles – Reiss; Bag – & other stories; Sunglasses – RayBan


  • Chaud

    Loving your cruise posts!! Definitely puts me in a holiday mood and ooh of course your holiday fashions too!!

    • Yay, thanks love, so glad you’re enjoying. If only the holiday mood could be forever… 🙂

  • Visual Discovery

    Nah the market seller wasn’t only trying to make a sale
    You do look young to be 30
    Please..what is your secret?

    • abiia

      Lol!!! Thanks, he sha got the sale anyway hahaha! Erm the secret is erm my parents’ genes and also following my Korean beauty skincare routine hahaha!!!

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