My morning skincare regime

It’s been a spectacularly beautiful day, the sun out and shining bright…and I’m ill. Sucks to be me! So instead of a Sunday best post, I thought I would share the details of my skincare regime which some people have been asking about. I first posted about my discovery of the world of skincare and Korean beauty in this post and since following these routines, my skin has not looked back.

When I started following this routine in January, my skin was in a really bad way – horrible repeated outbreaks of acne all over my face causing bumpy and scarred skin. I guess my face was simply reflecting the Christmas indulgences but my goodness! was I that indulgent?! Thankfully, my skin condition has improved so much and credit can definitely be attributed to my skin care regimes.

Here are the steps for my morning routine (details of my night time regime will follow in a subsequent post so stay tuned for that):


The products

1. Cleanse

I start by splashing some water on my face and then I apply a small amount of the cleanser to my wet face. I’ve found that I get the best results if I leave the cleanser on my face for a couple of minutes rather than washing off straight away. So after applying the cleanser, I do my teeth, then jump in the shower and the cleanser is the last thing I rinse off in the shower. I alternate between the below products (I have so many that I will not need to restock for at least 2 years!):


The cleansers (except the White Tree Snow cleanser which I have now run out of and have not replaced)

2. Tone

As soon as I jump out of the shower, I immediately apply a small amount of toner, Missha’s Time Revolution First Treatment Essence to my face. This can be applied using a cotton pad to smooth onto the skin; however I feel like I lose some of the product on the pad so I pour a little onto my hands and apply directly to my face. This stuff is the truth! From the moment I started using this product in November, it made an immediate impact – refreshing and brightening my skin tone. I’m also really impressed by how long it has lasted, and will definitely restock once it finishes.

3. Essence

After the toner, I apply one pump of the Benton Snail Bee High Content Essence, using circular motions to smooth on to my face. This is a product that got so many rave reviews I was convinced to invest and, so far, I have no complaints. Will keep you posted.

4. Serum

Next step is to apply a small amount of serum to my face, using a couple of pumps. I’ve been using Missha’s Super Aqua Ultra Water-full Intensive Serum and it has been so good to my skin. These winter months have been brutal and this serum has done wonders keeping my skin moisturised and hydrated through the day. Love it!

5. Emulsion

Straight after the serum, I use an emulsion from the same line – Super Aqua Ultra Water-full Control Emulsion. Combined with the serum, it is fantastic at keeping dry skin at bay. You really only need one pump of this, and it goes a long way. Using too much leaves your skin sticky and way shiny so just stick to one pump and you’re golden.

5.5. [Optional] Spot essence

Now I suffer from incredibly sensitive skin. I mean, forget oily foods and  general junk, all I have to do is have a bad night’s sleep or brush my fingers across my face and a pimple appears. It’s that bad, hence my resolution to stop touching my face. As soon as I spot a blemish, I apply the Innisfree Jejubija Anti-trouble Spot Essence W. This product is amazing! The way it works is that within a few hours of application, it causes the spot to ripen, but do NOT pop it!!! Within a day or so of application, you will find that the blemish begins to decrease and eventually will disappear.

6. Eye cream

Eye cream is something that was completely unheard of to me before. It’s used for anti-wrinkle care, smoothing the lines around the eyes and keeping them moisturised. I’ve started using Etude House’s Moistufull Super Collagen Eye Concentrate. A little little LITTLE amount goes such a long way with this product, just pat a tiny amount around the under eyes and over the eyelids. I’m not sure whether it has smoothed the wrinkles around my eyes, but I like to think I don’t have any ha! It definitely has helped to keep my under eyes and eyelids very moisturised.

So there it is. I have been following this regime since the beginning of January. Keep an eye on the blog for the night time regime which I will post during the week.

Do you guys have a morning skincare routine and what steps/products does it consist of? Please share your tips in the comments below.

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