Sunday best: Stay Positive!

Happy Sunday!

I had the flu last Sunday so was laid up in bed, but I’m back in action once again woo hoo! Not long now till Christmas time, I’m soooooo excited, it’s unreal. I absolutely love Christmastime. It’s the time of year when I’m surrounded by my family and loved ones, lots of food and merriment and it’s yet another opportunity to appreciate God’s blessings in my life. I’m especially thankful this year to have my aunt and my Texan cousins to celebrate with me in London, woo!

IMG_20141221_144936 IMG_20141221_144951



IMG_20141221_145203 IMG_20141221_145307

IMG_20141221_145624 IMG_20141221_145341

IMG_20141221_145350 IMG_20141221_145358


IMG_20141221_145553 IMG_20141221_145535


Family selfie with Cousin Nicole and Aunty Molly

4 sleeps till Christmas! Stay positive and hang in there!

Outfit details: Waistcoat – Zara; T-shirt – Zara; Trousers – Lindex; Bag – Vintage via Kim’s Boutique; Shoes – Madewell; Ring and Earrings – Eklektik Ekhos; Orange bangle – Charity Shop


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