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Guys!!! I’m so excited about the launch of Antidote Street, a new online black hair and skin care website! Psyched!! I spoke to the founders to find out more about this new venture and I can’t wait to share what they had to say. There’s also a present for readers below so keep reading and without further ado, I give you Antidote Street.

What is Antidote Street and what is the concept? 

Antidote Street is a brand new online retailer for black hair and skincare products. The concept is based on the need to revolutionise access to products. We want to provide a one stop shop for your hair and grooming needs at the click of a button, so that you don’t have to travel further afield to get your products or pay extortionate shipping prices to have them delivered from the USA. We care about forming long term relationships with the brands that we stock on the site, providing them with valuable customer insight to further improve their product development. We are also passionate about supporting homegrown British brands and providing them with a platform to grow and flourish.

What’s your view on the natural movement in the UK? Do you think attitudes are changing in terms of natural hair? 

It’s brilliant to see so many women embracing their natural hair textures. It is even more encouraging to observe and be part of the strong community that are contributing to the conversation – bloggers and natural hair event organisers alike. Just last week, we were at a Natural Hair and Beauty expo in Birmingham where over 200 people were in attendance. This level of interest certainly confirms that there has been a shift in perception of natural hair as ‘unmanageable’.

Is Antidote Street only for people with natural / afro hair? 

You don’t have to be natural or have an afro to shop on Antidote Street. It is perfectly ok for someone with a relaxed hair texture to purchase and use products on the site. Our primary concern is providing easy access to products which promote healthy hair.

Do you have any natural hair care tips for readers? What, in your view, are the essential product staples for a natural? 

It’s all about the moisture. Everyone’s hair is different and it is about finding what works. That said, one can’t go wrong with a good sulphate free shampoo, detangling conditioner and styling agent 🙂

What sets you apart from other online hair shops? 

There are three things that you will alway hear us obsess over and they include – curating the best product selection for our customers, providing them with a superior website experience and ensuring that their product (ahem, sorry antidotes) are delivered fast. Since our launch earlier this year, we have already received very useful feedback. We look forward to continuing to improve and growing with our customers.

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And about that pressie for readers – the founders of Antidote Street have generously offered readers a 10% discount on orders until 12 October 2014. So get ordering, using the code AntidoteStreet10. Now is the time to stock up on all your hair goodies! #Callingallproductjunkies

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