Sunday best: Same dress, different print

Hello everyone! Happy Sunday!

 IMG_20140928_144621 IMG_20140928_144832

You may recognise this dress or at least the style. I wore the same style dress by DKNYC in this post. Basically when I bought both dresses, I couldn’t decide which one I liked more so I bought them both and I love them both too! Ha!

 IMG_20140928_144746 IMG_20140928_144727

IMG_20140928_144510 IMG_20140928_144513


Grace is out! I am letting her out on probation this week, I think she deserves a chance to sway in the wind a little! I’m sure by Wednesday she’ll be back in twists or something but whatever!

IMG_20140928_144601 IMG_20140928_144409

Have a fantastic week!

Outfit details: Dress – DKNYC; Bag – Tory Burch; Sandals – Marks and Spencer; Sunglasses – RayBan


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