Bids & Grace – Roman foot soldiers

 Hi all

I got back from Rome on Wednesday evening, what a whirlwind adventure but so much fun! Basically, I got the opportunity to go along at the last minute to the Rome Tennis Masters and I was not going to turn that down! Grace got braided at the last minute as well because she was not trying to make friends with my manicure (I will not be getting a special sequinned manicure again anytime soon) and we were set to go.

The trip was awesome. I spent 1.5 days at the tennis and because it was such a short trip, I set aside one full day for sight-seeing. Trying to be a good tourist, I had planned to take one of the tour buses that would take me round all the major attractions so I would not have to navigate them myself. Sadly, I was unsuccessful in taking the bus because I never did find the bus stop at any of the stops, but what eventually happened was that in my hunt for the tour bus stop, I ended up doing the tour…on foot! Yep, I walked to each attraction thinking that I would then finally find the bus and give my aching feet a rest, but it was not meant to be haha! Ah well, it was an adventure and experience trying to make sense of my map but it was good fun and I got to see Roma, the City of Seven Hills.

Here are some of my favorite shots from the Eternal City:

Venus practising and rocking her natural hair too!
View from the Piazzo di Popolo
Trinita dei Monti
 I was standing in the middle of the street for this shot in the path of oncoming traffic! All for my art! The streets were literally heaving with people. This was the Roman equivalent of Bond Street.

And now for the roll call of designers:

 Back to the sights:
Piazza ColonnaTrevi Fountain – where if you’re supersitious, throw a coin in the fountain and your gesture will ensure a return to Rome. In reality, the money goes to a charity, so in the end, it’s all for a good cause anyway.
The fountain was absolutely HEAVING with people!Strange sight of a man being held up by a stick. Odd but also striking!
The Great PantheonIl VittorianoThe Roman Forum ruinsThe Colosseum17b60-130The Arch of ConstantineIndeed Rome, it is arriverderci for now but we hope to come back and visit you soon again!



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