And we’re back!

All good things must come to an end and here we find ourselves back in London. Ah well! But the sun came with Grace and I from Lagos, woo hoo! We got a bit carried away with our joy at seeing the sun with his hat on and here is the evidence:

Walk this way…
Hello? Is it me you’re looking for?
My name is not Susan
I just want to get along with you
Que sera sera
Tell me what you want from me
 Outfit details:
Blazer – Zara
Blouse – Marks & Spencer
Jeans – Madewell
Vintage Dooney & Burke Bag – Etsy via Hanni & Max
Scarf – Parisian market
Trainers – Lagos market
Sunglasses – Rayban
Notice anything about the captions (wink wink!)? Can you guess where they come from?


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